Plantwerk in IMMA

Plant music collaboration with musician Ruadhrí O’Sullivan, audio description by Mo Harte. Curated by Siobhán Mooney, IMMA, Earth Rising Festival Dublin, September 2023

Audio description by Mo Harte

During Earth Rising Festival, musician Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan and artist Elida Maiques present a plant music performance, followed by a Q&A. Plantwerk started as a collaboration between Klinkerdin Arts Salon and Edible Bray, a public trail of community gardens in Bray. Together we created a sound garden where we listen to plants’ internal movements. Plants gurgle, stretch and turn. We hear.
How can we hear this? We attach sensors to a plant, which allows reading its biodata, like a heart monitor, with a midisprout gadget translating them into sound. The sounds have been programmed and finetuned by musician Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan. The project includes an audio description by writer Mo Harte.


Vault Studios, Imagine! Belfast Festival 2022, 26.03.22

Curated by Second Collective

“A unique workshop/performance/display/event at Vault Artist Studios, Tower Street, Belfast. TAGGED is a workshop-styled project exploring self-perception, self-image and words as tools for social control. Words (or tags) are often tools for othering, on the basis of intersecting gender, age, looks, heritage, social class but this workshop asks participants to reimagine these tags.” [Imagine! Belfast]