Elida Maiques is a Wicklow-based artist with roots in Guatemala and Spain. Her work, often in collaboration with different groups, has been exhibited in museums and art centres like CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid (Spain), IVAM (Valencian Museum of Modern Art), Valencia (Spain) and others. She has a background in drawing, sequential art and comics, and has edited award-winning publications as member of Polen (Spain) and Stray Lines (Ireland).

In recent years she has explored the boundaries of comics with other disciplines such as dance and music. Since 2017 her long-term project I Am a Forest has involved seed-gathering, tree propagation and wildlife and art workshops with her local school and other communities.

Maiques sees in these commoning practices real collective thought and action eroding the assigned places (gender, class, ageā€¦). In 2021 I Am a Forest focused prominently on birdsong, music anthropology and archaeology. It became a non-hierarchical forest performance by professional musicians and others. The filmed performance will be edited and screened in 2022. A serious playfulness is core to her practice.