I am a forest

Mexican poster for ‘I Am a Forest’ (2022)

I Am a Forest is a long-term art/wildlife/community project which upholds an ethic of interdependence across generations, cultures and species. It involves wildflower and tree propagation, school & community workshops, botanical drawings, birdsong identification and more. In 2021 it became a short film, generously funded by Instituto Cervantes, the Arts Council and IADT. In 2022 some elements of the project were exhibited in the collective show Wax rhapsodic at the LAB Gallery, Dublin and the project was included in ISLA Festival. Most recently included in the Official Selection of the 20th Morelia Film Festival, 2022.

For more information see: iamaforest.org.

Circus artist DanaĆ« Wollen as ‘The Winged Creature’ in a scene of our short film, I Am a Forest (2022).
Langelihle Nkambule as ‘humanbird’ in the short film I Am a Forest (2022). Reflection upon reflection.

DanaĆ« Wollen as ‘The Winged Creature’ listens and considers a possibility. Detail from film I Am a Forest (2022).